UK Life Recommendations

This page contains links to sign-up pages for some of the services, clubs and websites that I recommend. In most cases if you use my link I (or my team) will earn points/prizes at no extra cost to you, and in some cases you get a bonus too. So please do use my link if you can.

I've separated these out into UK-centric life stuff below and computing related stuff over on another page.


I’m a big fan of this service. Many gyms have public dayrates, but via PayAsUGym it’s cheaper and you don’t have to fill in forms every time. You can even swap Tesco ClubCard vouchers for triple the value in credit. I’m not really a gym goer, but there are some lovely hotel gyms in the scheme with fab pools and saunas.

You buy the day pass in advance on the website, and you get a code texted to you that you can show at reception.

Visit and use the code 5A7D19E1 to get £5 free credit. Once you've used it at a gym, I get the same.


A way to earn cashback on purchases online (including insurances) and in store. You can register credit and debit cards, which automatically get you cashback at some places like NCP and Halfords. You can even get a few pence back on iTunes purchases. It all adds up. Although the tracking is quick, the actual cashback can take a long time to land in 'payable'.

Join Quidco through this link. You'll get £2 and I'll get 50p.


Another way to earn cashback, or Tesco Clubcard points.

Join TopCashback through this link. You'll get 500 Clubcard points, and I get £15.


Sign up as a new member via this link, and buy something within 48 hours, and I get £6 credit. You get nowt.