General Computing Recommendations

This page contains links to services and websites that I genuinely recommend. Where possible, I am providing a special link; if you sign up through these I (or my team) will earn points/prizes at no extra cost to you, and in some cases you get a bonus too. So please do use my link if you can.

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This is an online filespace where you can backup key files and have them available whereever you are. There's also multiple ways to share files. There's a free 2GB level.

Join Dropbox with this link and you'll get an extra 500MB of storage.

Dreamstime Stock Photography

Dreamstime have some free photos but their main catalogue has some good stuff and is usually better priced than elsewhere. In particular I like the fact that you can search by 'recent images', which is handy to find the new stuff when you are often needing images on the same theme. Sign up here. Also worth considering registering as a seller if you have decent images to sell.

If you're asked for it, my referral code is res1767264.

Stock Photos & Images

Subtle Patterns

A fantastic source of tiling backgrounds -, all free to use.

Script and theme marketplaces

The Envato marketplaces CodeCanyon and ThemeForest have some good stuff with reasonable licence fees.

Mac Recommendations

Yeah, I'm Mac now.

TUAW Deals

Basically StackSocial but branded by an unofficial Apple news site. A lot of the offers are tosh and/or US-only but every now and again there's a Mac app package deal with a couple of decent apps.

Join TUAW Deals with this link and I get some credit.

Espresso 2

I've tried a few text editors, but this one feels right. I love the Workspace, it's much better than tabs if you have lots of files, particularly files with long names. And it is intelligent enough to show a folder name next to the filename if you have two identically named files open (like happens often with MVC). The option to upload to FTP on save is handy for some projects.

Not cheap: $75 (~£47), but worthwhile. Learn more about Espresso, download latest stable version with 14 day trial or pick up the Beta

Not perfect as-is, but the extension system allows practically any feature seen in another editor to be added. So, get these add-ons ('sugars'): HTMLBundle (requires ShellActions), jQuery autocompletion, Emmet (expands HTML structure from CSS-like abbreviated form), LineDance (adds command shift D for duplicate line), Handy (automatically removes accidental double tags when you forget that Espresso does it for you, adds command D to duplicate current CSS rule, and more), ConvertLinebreaks, Seesaw (on-demand balanced delimiter selecting). I'm currently using theme Earthworm.


GUI frontend for Yahoo’s YUI Compressor to minify JS and CSS. Donationware. Minimus